A Life That Mattered

This book is a touching memorial written from a grieving father to a son…

It is beautifully written, raw, and real. Guy eloquently expresses all of those feelings that come after the death of a child when everyone else has gone back to their lives. While I never had the opportunity to meet this young man I feel as if I know him through this book. While heart-wrenching at times, I thoroughly recommend reading this book.” Eric Dorothy

A must read for anyone who has experienced the agony of losing a child…

Buy this book for yourself or for a friend or loved one who may be struggling from such a catastrophic loss. In it, Guy shares with simple eloquence and brave generosity both the travails and precious moments of parenting his beloved son, Tim, and allows us a sometimes breathtakingly painful closeup view of his own grief after Tim’s passing. The journey is painful at times, but Guy’s message is ultimately one of hope. One of redemption. One of gratitude for A Life That Mattered. Lacey Lee

What a beautiful, touching story of a father’s never-ending love for his son and his quest to never give up hope…

From the moment I picked up the book, I could not put it down. There were many moments where I cried (literally tears down my face), but there were also many moments where my heart smiled during the sharing of the many stories of a father’s love for his son.
I would absolutely 100% highly recommend this book for anyone seeking answers or comfort when dealing with the loss of a loved one, whether from addiction, incarceration, or an untimely death. What a beautiful tribute to his son and a life that still matters even after death. Lisa Mari Rouse

After reading this book I feel almost like I have been, in some small way, a part of this story…

I have read it multiple times and it always resonates with me in the sense that Guy makes the reader ‘feel’ the story. After reading this I wish I had met Guy’s son, realizing that through the drug addition and incarceration, Tim was a strong human being, and now is a beacon to his family and friends from beyond. And through this book he is now a beacon to those who read it. For me the real story is about the author and how he came to terms with that beacon as it shines on. Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of us. Tom Boes

Having suffered great loss earlier in life, I was really able to empathize with the writer’s painfully written personal grief…

Guy shares and bares his soul and helps us feel that we are never alone in our suffering, and that not only does life go on, but the life that didn’t is remembered and honored. Karen Carter Schwartz


You can’t make this stuff up…

In my opinion there is nothing funnier than real life and in this book, Guy uses anecdotes from his own life to illustrate the frustrating chasm that exists between men and women and our struggle to cohabited without driving each other crazy.

He uses his dry sense of humor and self deprecating style to create a good read while attempting to share some insight into why things are the way they are.

I won’t try to tell you that he has it all figured out and that if you read this book it will fix your life, but I will tell you that you will walk away with a little better perspective on relationships from a regular guy and that you will see yourself and your mate in at least some aspect.  French

Entertaining perspective of life’s shared journey…
From the moment I picked up this book, I was fascinated at perspective’s drawn that parallel my own experiences and I will assume that of others. This is an entertaining read for either gender and will open the eyes of the reader to pieces and parts of relationships that we (as couples, or singles) overlook.

Guy’s wit and humor throughout the book kept a smile on my face even in parts that reminded me of my own shortcomings. I would recommend this book to anyone who would appreciate gaining an understanding of the opposite gender (given from a guy’s point of view).

Will this book help you “understand” the inner workings of the mind of the opposite gender? No, but it will point out some fascinating observations of events that will open your eyes to things you probably already knew, but never really thought about.  Rick

I had the pleasure of reading this pre-print…

I found the author’s insight to relationships between men and women both thoughtful, and hysterical. It’s easy to see that the research done for this work was entertaining and fun. I recommend this read to both women and men for it’s witty delightful take on the opposites that we are in so many ways.  Shari

Valuable insight into men, women and relationships!

If you’ve ever been curious about the real motivations behind relationships, this is the book for you.

Guy does a fantastic job of making insightful observations about what really makes people tick when it comes to life and love, with funny real world stories that will remind you of your own experiences.

And hey, it’s only $0.99!!! I’ve lost more than that in my couch!  Derek

A genuine, honest and at times, eye-opening perspective…

Love it or hate it.. either way, just read it!

“Busted…” gives you an insightful and somewhat curious look into the thoughts of an everyday guy, and his his eye-opening (often slap-you-in-the-face) perspectives from real life experiences. I read it from start to finish and found it to be a gut-level, honest and straightforward offering from a very talented writer.

As a man, I found myself smiling and even laughing out loud at times, realizing I have had some of the same thoughts in my relational experiences with the opposite Gender (or “species”, as the author puts it). Kudos to the author, Guy Oliver, for putting into words what I’m sure many men (and women) have encountered in their relationships!  Modezign

Hated it then, Admired it…

The author of this book is my husband, so admittedly, I am a bit biased.

To the ladies in the audience, I will let you in on a couple of secrets. The first is, Guy has something to say that you NEED to hear. The second is that you need to understand something about his teaching style – he revels in punching the reader in the face in order to get his or her attention, and then he softly and gently gets his point across while you sit immobilized nursing your wound. Don’t be like me and miss his comforting because you’re still writhing in pain.

There is much wisdom that Guy understands about life, so make sure you don’t dismiss the pages out of hand or stop reading before you reach the end. You would be doing yourself and your relationships with the opposite sex a disservice. Take the time to read his words slowly and look for the jewels that he thoughtfully placed for you to find. They were put there for you and to add value to your life. This book is worth reading not just once, but several times over.  Heidi

Funny and Enlightening…

Funny and enlightening read. The author dives deep into uncharted territory with a unashamed look at the relationships between men and women, and the underlying power struggle that exists. A modern day Nietzsche for relationships. Smitty